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Loose Logs

Our loose logs are a great bulk bargain option for those with lots of storage space.  These logs are not accredited as Ready to Burn, but have been seasoned (air-dried) at the timber yard for approx. 12 months before being split into logs. We recommend buying these logs ahead of the winter, and storing them so they can dry further before use.  If you are looking for accredited Ready to Burn logs at less than 20% moisture, please head to our Dumpy Bag page.

Our half trailers are 3m3 in size and our full trailers contain 6m3. We offer FREE delivery within 15 miles of our timber yard and delivery is charged at £1.50 per mile thereafter.


Loose logs

Mixed logs 50:50


Loose logs

Mixed logs 75:25


Loose logs

Softwood logs