All wood fully seasoned and dried, ready to burn.

All wood from sustainable sources.

Great quality wood at competitive prices.

Wood Guide

The moisture content of your firewood is a major factor. Find out more

Sizing Guide

Our logs are available to order in different sizes.
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Sizing guide

More can be less. Heavier firewood is a result of a high moisture content, water does not burn very well. Compare measurements like for like. Double-check the measurements to calculate the volume and value for money.

The average size of our logs is 9 inches or 230mm. For larger stoves or boilers we also supply logs with an average size of 18 inches or 457mm.

All of our logs are available in different sizes, but all quantities are measured in loose cubic metres.

How much firewood should I buy?

This depends on storage, generally the greater the quantity the more competitive the price. Our full trailer of 5 cubic meters will provide enough logs to last most customers all winter – giving you great value!

Our Recomendation

Purchase your firewood by volume using a meter cube as the benchmark. Only purchase by weight when purchasing fresh unseasoned timber.