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Wood Guide

The moisture content of your firewood is a major factor. Find out more

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Wood Guide

To get the best fire burning we suggest lightening a mixture of our seasonsed hardwood and softwood which will get the temperature up quickly-give it a go and see for yourself!

Type of wood

Firewood performance will vary greatly from species to species. Different types of wood will give off different levels of heat. That’s why, when deciding on firewood, it’s important to choose the type of wood that matches your needs and budget. Whether your using firewood to heat your house, hot water or using it on your stove, we would suggest hardwood with some softwood for lighting the fire.


Hardwoods are superior to softwoods for maintaining a longer-lasting fire. They have a higher British Thermal Unit energy potential than softwood, giving you a longer lasting fire. Amongst the most popular hardwood types are oak, sycamore, beech, ash and birch.


Softwoods can season quicker than hardwood and ignite faster. The softwood trees grow at a quicker rate than hardwood, (can be 2 or 3 times quicker) the wood produced therefore has a lower density and is lighter, making it is easier to light enabling it to burn hotter and quicker.  The main disadvantage to softwood is you will require circa 20% more when compared with hardwood although this will be reflected in the price making it more competitively priced.

We do not advise it is used in open fires due to the spitting of embers although good in closed stoves.

Our Recomendation

Purchase your firewood by volume using a meter cube as the benchmark. Only purchase by weight when purchasing fresh unseasoned timber.

Moisture content

The moisture content of our firewood is a major factor that we take into account to ensure your firewood gives off the maximum heat when burnt. We supply firewood with a moisture content of 20%.

The moisture content of timber when first felled can be up to 60% depending on species, ash tends to be 35 to 40% whereas elm can be as much as 60%.

At Northumberland Logs we use two stages of seasoning and drying to achieve our goal of 20% moisture:

  • All of our timber is stacked in the yard to dry out naturally once felled for 12 months
  • We process and store our firewood in an open airy shed in either loose or vented bags enables it to dry out further

There is then an additional stage we suggest customers carry out:

  • Stack your fire wood inside your warm house before placing it on the fire. But take care not to stack your logs too close to the solid fuel stove causing a fire risk!

Always avoid any wood, hard or soft, which is not dry and seasoned, as it will contain more moisture reducing the energy potential . Not only is it inefficient and a waste of money, it will also leave tar and other residues in the chimney.