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Woodsure ready to burn (less than 20% moisture)

Actively creating new woodland in Northumberland

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Enviromental Policy

Northumberland Logs supplies properly seasoned and dry logs of 20% moisture content or below.

Northumberland Logs is committed to reducing carbon emissions, increasing the benefits trees have on our community and continuing to supply firewood processed from British timber only, which is dried using the natural environment and the weather we have, all done with local labour.

  • We aim to reduce carbon emissions plus other harmful particulates by utilising electric processing equipment and supplying firewood at or below 20% moisture content. Recently all lighting was replaced with LED lighting, saving over 50% of power. It is our aim to further improve this by generating our own electricity through photo voltaic panels and further improving the efficiencies of our process to produce “super dry naturally seasoned” firewood.
  • It is our aim to increase the benefits of trees. We have a policy to plant wholly new woodland of up to 150 000 trees over a 5 year period whilst also maintaining our current stock of trees and replacing woodland which is clear felled. We are currently trialling new tree species especially for firewood production.
  • Our process from start to finish works with the seasons. Felling in the summer months and dry months, planting in the winter months and drying throughout the year utilising open shed space with plenty air circulation. We do not import timber or logs and neither do we dry our logs in a wood fuelled kiln, burning wood to dry wood.
  • We aim to minimise waste by developing new products which utilise our waste whilst also improving efficiencies of our processing operation.
  • Local labour is utilised throughout the process with full training and a comprehensive Health & Safety policy.
  • We offer a full range of products plus loose logs avoiding any packaging, the most economical way to purchase our logs. We are looking ways to ensure all bags utilised are  reusable by our consumers.

Listed below are some of the benefits trees can offer:

  • Trees combat climate change
  • Trees clean air and provide oxygen
  • Trees conserve energy
  • Trees save water and help prevent water pollution and flooding
  • Trees help prevent soil erosion
  • Trees provide food
  • Trees provide economic opportunities
  • Trees provide a canopy and habitat for wild life
  • Trees mark seasons
  • Trees provide wood which is essential for life as we know it.
  • In amongst all these benefits trees can also bring diverse groups of people together.